Founded in 2003, the Diktatura Zakona Bar Association operates in accordance with the Federal Law of the Russian Federation “On the practice of law and the legal profession in the Russian Federation.” The main purpose behind its creation was to provide high quality legal assistance by responding to the new challenges of the ever-changing legal profession.

Our bar association has many years of experience in protecting the interests of major Russian and foreign organizations, providing legal support to municipal bodies and government agencies of the federal subjects of the Russian Federation.

The members of our bar association are highly skilled attorneys and lawyers with over 25 years of experience in different areas of law. Most of our experts have experience working in law enforcement and regulatory agencies, as well as in public authorities of the Russian Federation. 

The Diktatura Zakona Bar Association prioritizes individualized client approach and assuring confidentiality of matters that are entrusted to our experts. Our bar association offers one-time consultations as well as subscription-based legal services which provide legal assistance on a regular basis for addressing legal issues that arise in the course of a client’s activities.  Other approaches to setting up compensation for our services are also acceptable.


In providing legal assistance to our clients, we are always mindful of the fact that our primary mission as attorneys is to protect the innocent, serve our society and ensure the supremacy of law in all its forms. The name of our association is more than just a slogan or an effective tagline. The establishment of the dictatorship of law is the objective of every lawyer. To quote the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, “Russia can have only one form of dictatorship – the dictatorship of law.”

Rochdelskaya Street, December 14, 2015

There are many rumors and speculations surrounding the events that occurred on that day, but almost all of them are far from the truth.
This film contains factual information about what truly happened there.


Legal assistance for individuals

    • development of client protection strategy at all stages of a criminal case;
    • client protection at all stages of a criminal case;
    • studying materials of a criminal case;
    • preparation of explanation, clarification for testimony in investigative authorities and bodies of inquiry;
    • visiting a client at the detention facility;
    • collection of evidence including materials describing personality of a suspect, an accused;
    • appealing against illegal actions and decisions of an interrogator, an investigator;
    • participation in judicial hearings;
    • preparation and filing a petition;
    • preparation and filing an appeal / a cassation.
    • marriage termination;
    • division of marital property;
    • formulation of marriage contract;
    • recovery of alimony;
    • participation in negotiations on settlement of matrimonial disputes;
    • determination of children's place of residence;
    • legal support with children adoption;
    • determination of the parental right execution procedure by a parent living apart from the child;
    • settlement of disputes with foreign parties.
    • management of inheritance cases with notaries and courts;
    • protection of honor, dignity and business reputation;
    • management of collective and individual labor disputes both administratively and judicially;
    • providing a full range of services for land management and urban development both in administrative and judicial authorities;
    • providing a full range of services in case of bankruptcy of individuals;
    • protection of consumers' rights;
    • management of insurance dispute;
    • assistance in formulation, conclusion and registration of various types of contracts;
    • management of dispute cases related to copyright and intellectual property;
    • management of dispute cases related to investment in house construction as well as disputes with collective housing management bodies;
    • representation of both creditor and debtor in the enforcement proceedings;
    • management of administrative cases including appealing against actions of traffic police officers, customs authorities, Rospotrebnadzor (Russian Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing) employees etc..
    • management of cases related to citizenship and migration issues;
    • management of cases on appealing against decisions taken by tax authorities.

Legal assistance for legal entities

    • corporate disputes;
    • bankruptcy cases;
    • tax disputes;
    • disputes related to conclusion, fulfillment, invalidation and termination of agreements including state and municipal contracts;
    • cases related to administrative legal relations, including contesting decisions and actions of state authorities and officials, administrative offences cases;
    • real estate and land legal relations disputes;
    • urban planning and construction contracts disputes;
    • indemnification and recovery of unjust enrichment disputes;
    • disputes related to contesting and execution of decisions of arbitration courts;
    • disputes with anti-monopoly authorities;
    • intellectual property rights disputes;
    • goodwill protection disputes.
    • full legal support of company's activity;
    • evaluation of legal risks of company's activity and formulation of necessary recommendations;
    • representation and protection of clients' interests in coordination with law-enforcement bodies, prosecutor's office, tax authorities, licensing and other state authorities, including during inspections;
    • advising and formulation of recommendations in taxation, evaluation of tax risks;
    • analysis of current corporate management structure for compliance with legislation requirements and if it meets interests of a business owner, and formulation of recommendations for its improvement and conducting corporate procedures;
    • analysis of current constituent documents, company's internal local acts in order to identify legal risks, formulation of recommendations and elaboration, codification of relevant documentation;
    • business protection form hostile takeovers or other illegal actions by third parties;
    • support during enforcement procedures;
    • preparation of due diligence;
    • preparation and support of M&A deals;
    • elaboration of all kind of civil law agreements taking into account specifics of company's activity;
    • support of intellectual rights projects, including execution, alienation and protection:
    • organization and conducting lectures, trainings and workshops of legal character.
    • Structuring and optimization of business ownership, taking into account the advantages afforded by international jurisdictions; 
    • Protecting assets from hostile takeovers using international jurisdictions as legal venues in international commercial arbitration in accordance with substantive laws that operate in foreign countries; 
    • Structuring relationships between business owners within international legal frameworks, including developing and managing the conclusion and execution of corporate contracts or shareholder agreements;
    • Support for international company sale and purchase deals; 
    • Representation in international dispute resolutions at all international commercial arbitration centers, including those located in Austria, England, Germany, Hong Kong, Spain, Singapore, USA, France, Sweden, and Switzerland;